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Export-Hydro Pumps & Services (Africa) Limited was incorporated on 20th May, 2009 Certificate No. CPR/2009/3634 and registered as a Drilling Contractor with the Ministry of Water & Irrigation on 5th February, 2010 License No. WD/WRC 001/611.

Export-Hydro Pumps & Services (Africa) Limited specializes in the drilling of boreholes for the residential, commercial & agricultural sectors in Kenya and is also currently involved in drilling projects in Eastern Africa. We offer a complete water solution including borehole drilling, borehole testing, water pump installations, booster pump systems, water tank installations and domestic water filtration systems. We are not just another drilling company. We deliver a quality drilling service using top quality drilling methods, using modern technology, ensuring that your borehole will perform for many many years.

With the current risk of water cuts, water restrictions & drought in some areas, it is time for you to consider becoming water secure by having your own borehole. Export Hydro can offer you a the complete water solution of a borehole, pump installation, tank and booster pump and water filtration


To Quench the Thirst of Every Child in Africa.

Your Borehole in 6 Steps

Site Survey

Site Investigation and hydrological survey in an essential part to the successful completion of any borehole drilling project.

Site Mobilization

This involves mobilization of equipment and qualified personnel to the site and Rig Set up.

Well Development

The borehole must be developed until clear water free of any fine particles is obtained and is of acceptable yields.

Test Pumping

It is the 24hr constant discharge of water followed by a 12 hrs recovery to determine the borehole properties.

Equipping /Civil Works

Borehole equipping is determined after test pumping is done. The pump has to be sized using the test pumping data obtained and Customer requirements.


we build pump houses to any size and specification. Your borehole and all its components will be tested to verify if it functions according to its design objectives or specifications before handing over.


National Construction Authority

Registered Water Works Contractor -NCA 1

National Construction Authority

 Registered Mechanical Engineering Service Contractor -NCA 1(Plumbing,Drainage and Sanitary Fittings)

Ministry Of Water and Irrigation

Registered Water Development Contractor

  • Dams Construction and Associated Civil Works-Class A
  • Water Supply, Sewarage, Irrigation and Electromechanical works-Class C